If you have done some shopping online or visited some company website, you would notice this platform that has been integrated on their website: chatting support that interacts with anyone visiting the website real-time. If you notice the chatbox appears to be very similar to what Facebook and Twitter have on their platform. This is what we call chatbots, which have now become very popular that they become one of the essential features of each website being created today.

Are you planning on having on for your website? Do not worry, there are many services that offer you a very nice and interactive website platform that includes this Chatbots feature.

If you are wondering, is this feature advantageous for you and your website? Well, here, in this article, we will share with you some of the benefits you will be getting from having a live chat on your website.

1.Increases sales

There are numerous studies that show that live chat helps increase sales 3 to 5 times more. Also, it was shown that customers are more likely to purchase three times more when they are provided with a service like this. This is because your team will have more opportunities to turn visitors into customers especially when you get a hold of them through live chat.

2.Provides customer’s convenience

The quality of your product and/or service is what really determines customers’ contentment and feedback. However, how they are able to access the product and service, or how they are managed by the staff can also affect the clients’ impression, which may have an impact on their overall impression towards you and tour business.

3. Resolves problems quickly

Having a live chat enable you to solve the client’s problems and answer their questions real-time, and this makes a good impression form the customers, which turns in to chances of purchasing your products and service.

4.Proactive approach

Being able to interact with your prospective clients plays a crucial role in your business or company. Also, this modern feature allows the clients to have the freedom to chat or be chatted by the customer support. They have the option to be accommodated or just be passive visitors to the website. There are also pre-defined rules that the visitor is provided so he/she is guided with what to do.

5.Reduces expenses

Before, businesses had been using phone support to provide customer service to their clients. In fact, because of this need, some businesses are outsourcing service s from other countries to save expenses. However, this has been changed with the live chat support feature that even small businesses can now attain. It is not costly to compare to having a phone call support, so, it basically saves you some dollars.

6.Provides reports and analytics

With the e-mail support, the owner of the business has a record of the messages sent, and this provides information, inquiries, reviews of the staff, and others. Unlike the call support, live chat support is able to provide you records of the full conversations in an easier way.