Does your wood floor look old and worn out? Below are some tips that can help you remove scratches and marks on your wood floor. But note that these tips will only work on solid hardwood floors. If your floor is made of any other material, then you might have to find other ways on how to restore it to its original splendor.

aring for the floor should be a part of your daily routine and regular home maintenance task. Wood floors are naturally beautiful, but only if it’s well-maintained. Even so, wood is prone to scratching, water marks, surface wear, and a few other more serious damages. Prevention is the best way to make your hardwood floors last for a very long time. But in case they do come badly scratched, here are some tips that can put it back to its elegant look.

1. Clean the wood.

Cleaning your wood floor is the ultimate maintenance step that you can do. Don’t use tough brushes on your floor, though. Sweep the area using a soft mop, along with a few drops of soap on a quart of water. You may also use the vacuum cleaner, provided that you have the necessary attachment for it.

2. Sand it out.

You may possible sand out the scratches and imperfections to your wood floor. Look for sandpaper with the finest grains to buff it out, taking special care to sand in the same direction as the grain. You also have to apply some stain after sanding.

3. Apply natural oils.

Did you know that walnut and coconut oil contain brown dyes and natural emollients that effectively restore and enhance the look of old, worn, and scratched hardwood? Apply the oil in the problem area, let it sit for several minutes, and then buff using a soft cloth. Coconut oil is perfect for newly sanded floors.

4. Find the right product for your wood.

There are different types of wood cleaning products that can be used on your floor. For those who prefer eco-friendly products, their baking soda with olive oil is the most popular choice. If you prefer commercial products, then there are brands that are a perfect match for your hardwood, including laminate and engineered ones.

5. Stain the floor

If there are deep scratches on your wood floor, then it’s best that you used wood stain on it. A wood stain may either be oil-based, gel, or water-based. Choose the kind that you can apply easily. But among your options, the oil-based types are the ones that will provide the longest-lasting and riches color. However, it also dries the slowest and a bit difficult to work with.

6. Strip the floor

If your floor is badly scratched and none of the tips above works, then it might be time to strip your floor. Use a stripping agent that’s right for your floor and follow the instructions on how to use it. After stripping, apply stain, wax, or paint your floor as necessary. If you need help, simply hire an expert in floor sanding Perth.